Largest Ocean Front Property For Sale In Prince William Sound – 239.91 Acres in Fidalgo Bay, Alaska

Remote Oceanfront w/ Mountain Views

One of the largest private properties in Prince William Sound

Timber Rights and Mineral Rights are Rare and Included


Located in Prince William Sound, South Central Alaska – East side, South Shore of Port Fidalgo, ¾ miles East of Irish Cove. Valdez 39 miles, Cordova 42 miles, Tatitlek Village, 12 miles by water. Access by boat or float plane.


Legal Address

U.S. Mineral Survey No. 1584, according to the official Bureau of Land Management Survey thereof, being located in the Valdez Recording District, according to the official plat thereof filed under Plat No. 2007-19, in the records of the Valdez Recording District, Third Judicial District, State of Alaska. Also including only lot 1 in Ravencroft Subdivision, remainder of Ravencroft Subdivision is not included.

Parcel Size

239.91 acres


No Real Estate Taxes


No zoning, Covenants or restrictions. There are CCR’s for most of the lots in Ravencroft subdivision that is located adjacent to this property.


7 buildings have 9,428 sq-ft under roof, including porches

  1. Main Lodge – 20X55 w/8-ft covered surround-porches. Lounge w/fireplace. Dining room for 24 guest. Commercial kitchen w/pantry, plus attached food storage, freezer area. Bathroom. Lodge office. This building has hot & cold water.
  2. Sleeping Quarters (Bunkhouse) – 20X52 w/8-ft covered surround-porches. 8 rooms for double occupancy. 2 community restrooms. 2 community showers. Laundry room. This building has hot & cold water and washer/dryer.
  3. Tool Room w/ Help Quarters – Tool room 22X12. Helper quarters 12×12. 6-ft covered porches on 2 sides.
  4. Fidalgo Cabin – 16X36 2-story cabin. Two units – top unit with bath, with a 16X8 deck over the beach. Lower unit with bath, with a 16X12 covered back porch. This building has hot & cold water.
  5. Owner Cabin #1 – 18X36 2-story cabin. 8X18 covered porches, front and rear. Living room/ kitchen and bathroom downstairs. Bedroom upstairs. This building has hot & cold water and washer/dryer.
  6. Owner Cabin #2 – 16×32 2-story cabin. 8X16 covered front porch and 4X8 covered rear porch. Living room, bedroom and bathroom downstairs. 2nd Bedroom upstairs. This building does not have the electrical and waterline buried to it yet.
  7. Powerhouse w/fuel storage – 16X40, w/4-ft covered porch on one side, and 8X10 covered shed at rear. The 800-ft long X 12-in diameter penstock water pipeline terminates in the back shed, with a divider/manifold which divides water flow into 8 in-feed lines and 1 lodge water-system line (36 lbs pressure). Inside the back half of this building is the water generators, and sump for same with drain-line to the beach. This section also contains the diesel generator with auto charge system, 2 lead-acid battery banks consisting of 2,200 amp/hrs total storage capacity, plus 2 @ 24VDC to 120/240 VAC inverters (total 8,000 watts capacity). Electrical system switch boxes and main breakers are located here as well. Lastly, this area contains the equipment for re-charging air-tanks used with lodge scuba diving activities. The central part of this building is dedicated to fuel storage – primarily drums. The front part of this building is the fish cleaning, processing, and freezing station. It has freezers, a counter w/sink and vacuum-sealer, and is attached to a fish-cleaning table that extends out over the beach. This area has cold running water.

All buildings have pier & beam foundations (treated, set in concrete). All buildings have double-pane windows and 50-yr metal roofing. All buildings insulated. All buildings except Powerhouse and Tool Room are heated with Toyo diesel heaters. All buildings have electricity. Owner cabin #1 is log construction, while all other buildings are frame.


8-ft wide X 70-ft long ocean pier, constructed with heavy-wall metal tubing. This pier has a hinged ramp with and 8X16 floating dock at the outer end, which gives access to the lodge at any tide. This pier has a Corps of Engineers permit.



The water system begins with a 800-ft long, 12-in diameter penstock pipeline (PVC schedule-80 pipe). The creek tapped is from a multitude of springs arising within the property, and flow has been measured at 600 gal/minute, while pipeline elevation drop is 70 feet. This penstock pipeline has adequate volume and pressure for operating both the micro-hydro electrical power system and the water system for the lodge. All buildings except the Powerhouse, the Tool Room and attached Helper Quarters have hot and cold water with 36 lbs pressure.


All buildings have electrical power, and in addition to the primary breaker panels in the Powerhouse, buildings have individual circuit-breaker boxes.  All power lines and water lines are buried.

  • (2) 4,000-watt 24VDC to 120/240 VAC electrical inverters
  • Generator – Northern lites 9 KW (about 500 hrs on it)
  • 24 VDC 15-amp water-powered generator (system built with room for expansion)

Septic system – Four separate septic systems, constructed to Alaska state specs, serve the lodge buildings

Heating system -oil stove for heat system

TIMBER & MINERALS – Mineral Survey #1584 was claimed and taken to private title under the 1872 mining law around 1900. The tract originally consisted of 21 contiguous mining claims, which covered a copper/silver/gold (primarily copper) deposit discovered over 100 years ago. The mines were 100% underground, and shafts are located near the rear of the property (away from the beach). A cable bucket-tram was built to transport ore from the mine down to the beach, and a substantial tonnage of high-grade copper ore was shipped around 1905 (Schlosser Mine). The mine was closed when ore ran low, then in the 1930’s when gravity-meter technology became available, the mine was surveyed again and showed an additional 5 large deposits beginning just beyond where mining had stopped. In the 1940’s an additional shaft was driven through this new area, but the miners did not think they found anything and closed again. Later sampling concluded that the new tunnel had indeed cut through the ore-body, but the mineralization and thus the rock-colour was different than that of the previous ore, so they never sampled/tested it. This ore-body is still in place in the mine. Value unknown. Regarding timber, the tract has had a substantial amount of timber harvesting done, in the 1980’s, before current owners bought the land. The beach-front land (tracts #1 and #2 from above) was not cut at that time, and currently has substantial commercial Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock stands – one tree has been measured to be around 7-ft diameter at the butt. The higher-elevation part of the property farthest from the beach (parts of tract #3 from above) also has substantial stands of Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock. The central part of the property (on tract #3 as well, is cut-over and re-growth, and will be commercially viable for timber again in 30 to 50 years time.


Ravencroft is an Old-English word which means ‘a hidden place.

The Ravencroft property is one of the most unique properties in Alaska. Its sheer scale in acres alone is impressive with mountain peaks, lush timber and expansive views. Being one of the last large acreages along the coast of Prince William Sound, this property is one of the most appealing and significant ocean accessible properties to become available in years. Surrounded on three sides by the Chugach National Forest, it offers best-in-class wildlife recreation with world class fishing and hunting for the outdoor enthusiast. This property highest and best use is commercial which includes mineral rights, an exceptionally rare find with private ownership in Alaska.

MLS # 21-14522


$5,369,360  Cash

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